The Save The Bears Project has arrived offering wonderful/beautiful bear themed merchandise at a great price while at the same time fulfilling a mission - to help protect and improve bear habitat, their safety, and their lives all throughout the world.

Little girl with teddy bears and real bear.

The Save The Bears Project is run by a small but driven group of individuals who have a goal to help the world become a better place through educating people about bears and the role they play on this planet. Hopefully, with much effort and the assistance of others, we can prevent bears from losing their homes, starving to death, or being hunted for sport.

The Save The Bears Project raises funds by selling their own line of bear inspired products, wholesale sales to other bear-related brands, and direct donations, and then uses the net proceeds for the following purposes:

1. Raising awareness, for the general population, about bears and their importance by means of using paid ads to spread the message.

2. Using paid marketing to drive traffic to like-minded communities/causes/movements around the world who are also trying their best to make a difference.

3. Creating, promoting, running GIVEAWAYS on Facebook where one to three people can win a free product. This helps spread awareness and increases reach rapidly.

4. Writing and publishing ARTICLES about bears.

5. Using paid marketing to build an email list so we can spread helpful forms to people all over.

6. Providing FREE PRODUCTS to anyone and advertising these free products on social media platforms. Just cover shipping.

7. Using proceeds to source or create eco-friendly bear inspired products.

8. Posting pictures of bears and talking about bears on Instagram.

9. Writing and publishing ARTICLES about bears and the struggles they face.

10. Using paid marketing to build an email list so we can spread helpful forms to use in restricting on practices or development which affect bears negatively.


Two bears and mountain in background.


Why are bears so important?

Bears play a very crucial role in our ecosystem. Bears are predators and serve to manage/regulate other populations like deer and moose for example. In addition, bears help fertilize forests and clean up carcasses. 

For centuries, bears have been persecuted and used for entertainment in the middle east. In Asia, bears are being hunted and used for their gall bladders for medicinal purposes; although, no proof of any medicinal benefits have been made. Bears are also hunted for big game and for their hides. Seven of the eight species of bears are declining steadily. Human civilization and urbanization is another threat to bears. The invasion of infrastructure - roads, buildings, schools - is decreasing the size of bear habitation. Global warming is making the lakes and bays take longer to freeze over. The polar bears are left waiting longer to cross the ice and hunt seal. This causes bears to wander near houses, scavenging for food until they are relocated. The frost line is dropping and the ice is melting. This makes it harder for polar bears to hunt fish. Starving polar bears now wander to nearby houses scavenging for food in trash bins.


Cute little panda bear.

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-CEO and Team