The Top 5 Things You Can Buy Right Now to Help Save The Bears
April 28, 2021

The Top 5 Things You Can Buy Right Now to Help Save The Bears

From pandas and polar bears to grizzly bears and sloth bears, numerous bear species are moving towards imminent endangerment and extinction around different parts of the globe. Environmental factors like agricultural expansion, deforestation, logging and poaching are a few of the leading man-made disasters that have played a major role in decreasing bear numbers. If this catastrophe goes on unchecked, it’s safe to say that thousands of bears might die in the near future.

They are quite possibly at the verge of getting wiped off and if nothing is done about this, we won’t be able to share our planet with this magnificent, furry mammal. In all this despair and helplessness, our Save the Bears Project is doing everything in its capacity to educate the masses about bears and how essential they are to our ecosystem. Here are a few simple ways you can help bears and become a part of our cause. Let’s start.

How are bears being endangered?

Here are a few ways in which bears have been persecuted, hunted and decimated over the past few decades:

  • They have been hunted down alive and presented as entertainment for circuses, shows etc. in the Middle East and South Asia.
  • In the remaining Asian regions, bears are hunted and killed for their gall bladders, believed to have medicinal benefits - all unproven.
  • Urbanization, deforestation, land acquisition etc.
  • Global warming, warming up of polar regions, drop of frost line etc.

Why are bears so important for the earth's ecosystem?

Bears have an important part for maintaining our Earth's environment in many ways. Bears are predatory, carnivorous animals that help to control and maintain other species in a typical forest ecosystem, such as moose, deer etc. Bears also tend to fertilize trees in dense forests and consume carcasses, which can otherwise be a source of spreading disease in the habitat.

How can you help them?

Here are the top 5 things you can buy from Save the Bears Project to help prevent bears from starving to death, losing homes or being hunted for sport: 


  1.   Crystal and Gold Bear Necklace

Made using first-grade Austrian Crystals, this beautiful Bear Necklace is a high quality bear jewelry piece for raising awareness and actively saving the bear population all while looking great.


  1.   Bear Paw Footprint Necklace

From the Project’s limited edition product line, the Bear Paw Necklace is a unique jewelry artefact that checks every box from high quality and lightweight to being an excellent birthday gift.


  1.   Gold and Red Crystal Bear Ring

Whether you want to gift it for someone’s special day or wear it as a souvenir of your commitment to save bears, this Gold and Red Crystal Bear Ring is a fine choice with its exquisite craftsmanship and metal work.


  1.   Bear Paw Bracelet

There’s nothing more wholesome than this cute minimalist Bear Paw Bracelet to show your support for bear conservation. Its quality and the soft color scheme makes it an ideal pick for a memorable birthday gift too.


  1.   Bear Paw Rose Stud Earrings

Our list of bear jewelry would’ve been incomplete without mentioning a beautiful pair of earrings. These gorgeous Bear Paw Rose Stud Earrings look great on ears and can go well with just about any dress.