Introducing... Save The Bears Project
January 24, 2019

Introducing... Save The Bears Project

Hello there,

Thanks for visiting our site. This is an introductory article to our store - Save The Bears Project. At Save The Bears Project, we provide you with some beautiful bear themed products like jewelry, t-shirts, apparel, and more. We use the proceeds generated from the store to further our mission in raising awareness for bears.

Bears all around the world are forced into captivity, trafficked in the black market, hunted for sports, used as entertainment (dancing bears), and so much more. Bears shouldn't have to endure this horrible kind of treatment. They were not put on this earth to suffer for the sake of our enjoyment. Just like any animal, they deserve freedom and love.

bear with man head in mouth

If you are someone who thinks bears are mean and scary, I assure you they are not. Here is a video of a man training and playing with a grizzly bear, which by the way has over 11 million views on YouTube. On our facebook page you can find a video of a bear sitting casually next to someone else just to share the view. Just for the heck of it, here is a compilation of people interacting with various different animals. These are only a few examples that show bears are not out to harm us. They are not evil. They are not mean or scary. They can be your friend and show you love. You just have to give them a chance.

Hug abear. Teddy bear and heart.

With that said, we are doing our part to show our love for them. We want to do what we can to spread awareness about the injustices bears face every day, throughout the world. For centuries bears have been used and abused and even have their organs harvested and sold to people of high class and authority. Polar bears are losing their homes and starving to death due to global warming. Soon female polar bears won't be able to get pregnant. 

To help fund our awareness campaign, we are using the proceeds generated from the store to invest in paid advertisements, promotions, petitions and donations and more. 

Bear paw necklace.


As part of our launch, we are running a giveaway contest. We are also giving away a few wonderful free products - just pay to ship. Check out our Facebook page to take advantage of our promotions and giveaways. Read some articles on bears and learn more about the types of struggles they face.

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-Save The Bears Project