How Global Warming is Pushing Polar Bears to Extinction
June 28, 2021

How Global Warming is Pushing Polar Bears to Extinction

Scientists have projected that polar bears may go into extinction if climate change keeps getting worse.

Polar bear postured up and waving at camera.
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An average polar bear spends 50% of their time searching for food in their natural habitat.


But once they lose the ice platforms which they normal utilize to hunt from, then they may be forced to wander into human territory to scrounge and rummage for food.


There's been numerous debates on climate change and its adverse effects on the earth and its inhabitants (humans and animals).


Some people are laying down arguments that climate change isn't real, while others say it's destroying the planet.


However, in 2018, Hamilton and Derocher did a study on polar bears, which revealed that 23,000 polar bears globally are gradually going into extinction if nothing is done about climate change.


Climate change seems to be a polar bear's worst nightmare. However, other challenges bears face that affect their survival ratio on earth are as follows:


  • Bear trafficking

  • Captivity

  • Torture

  • Being hunted

  • Disease

  • Zero habitat protection

  • Increased commercial activity

  • Pollution and many more


For polar bears to stick around for a long time, we need to reduce climate change so bears can actually have a fighting chance.

What is climate change?


Climate change is a change in the weather patterns that define regional or global weather climates. Our activities as humans are seen as the primary cause of climate change.

Factories and smoke stacks

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We burn fossil fuels like coal and oil which releases greenhouse gas like carbon dioxide into the air to produce the greenhouse effect.


Many other human activities like deforestation and agriculture contribute to the rise of greenhouse gasses responsible for climate change.


How to stop climate change and its effect on bears?

Lend your voice


The first step to ensuring that we stop harming the atmosphere is to lend our voices in educating our loved ones about the dangers of emitting greenhouse gasses into the air.


You can also encourage your elected officials to enact laws that will restrict carbon emission and mandate polluters to pay for any emissions that they generate.


Power your household with renewable energy


About 40% of the world’s CO2 emissions take place during electricity generation and this is the burning of fossil fuels to produce heat used to power steam turbines.


It gets worse...


While burning these fossil fuels, carbon dioxide gets released into the air and is the primary greenhouse gas responsible for climate change.


It's recommended that if you want to hire a utility company, make sure it's a company that generates 50% of its power from solar or wind.


Renewable energy is the way to go if you want to save the earth and the beautiful bears that live on it.


In addition to leveraging sources of electricity like solar and wind, you should use energy-saving bulbs in your homes and offices.


Aside from climate change issues, there are many other challenges that bears face in their lifetime and some of them are as follows...



One of the regions widely known for bear cruelty or torture is Asia. Asian countries like China, Vietnam and many others are known for their role in bear torture.

Black bear in a cage.

Image Credit: The Sun


For instance, in China and Vietnam, they have bile farms where bears are raised in confined tiny cages.


Furthermore, when these bears get older, their bile will be painfully extracted from their gallbladder.


What is bile?


Bile is a green-brownish liquid that's produced by the liver and stored inside the gallbladder.


Bile acid helps with digestion and turns fat into fatty acids used in the body by our digestive tracts.


Furthermore, bile acid also consists of ursodeoxycholic acid which is projected to have pharmaceutical applications.


Why is bear bile precious to Asians?


Bear bile is popular among Asian herb sellers. It is widely believed to improve indigestion and reduce gallstones among many other things.


Many Asians have bear bile farms where they raise black bears.


Imagine such cruelty; Like humans, these animals don't deserve such cruelty; they need to be loved.


There’s more...

Bear with muzzle and leash.

Image Credit: Newswire


In Nepal, two bears were rescued by locals from being tortured and used as entertainment for humans.


The owners asked the bears to dance to the amusement of their spectators and if they refuse, they'll be tortured.


Thankfully, the locals rescued them but that wasn't the fate of the brown bear tortured and killed in Turkey by hunters in 2020.


According to the observers, the hunters injured the bear and had their dogs attack it until it gave up and they found it funny as they posed with the corpse of the dead bear.


These and many more similar attacks are what bears face in today’s world. It’s either they are in captivity, hunted for sport, in a bile farm, tortured or threatened by climate change.

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